Our Commitment

At Darkroom Photographics we strive to be the best, delivery the best and ensure you look your best. You will get the photos you want and expect with no short cuts on our side, with a wide assortment of professional lighting and camera equipment, cutting edge photo editing software, password protected online gallery/order processing there's nothing we can't do. We specialize in Glamour and Model photography for personal or commercial use, If you're looking for something a little more fun and sexy we also offer Intimate/Boudoir Portrait and Couples photography. Your session can be done in studio or on location, We can also supply a Make up artist and Hairstylist to further enhance the look you're after. We can also plan with you before your session and discuss clothing choices, make up and hair and photography styles you may be interested in to ensure you get the fullest experience during the shoot. So please take the opportunity to browse my Portfolio and see what this Photographer can do for you, From initial consultation to the images in your hands we are committed to making sure there's a smile on your face.

Who is Darkroom Photographics

Edmonton, Alberta glamour, intimate, Model, Boudoir and nude photography

Rob Shalapay

I started doing photography almost 20 years ago, starting off with film photography and than progressing to the digital format when it was in it's infancy. I have spent many hours honing my skills and experimenting with many different types of photography and lighting. When it comes to Glamour/Boudoir styled photography my priority is to create something that is sensual and intimate, that pulls out the beauty and personality of my subject. There is nothing better than having a client view her images and seeing themselves in a different light and loving it...